Our goal is to promote the growth of faith to children in grades K thru 8 who attend public schools.  We help these young people by teaching and encouraging them to experience a relationship with God and each other; providing an experience of community that will support and strengthen that faith.  The formation program is part of the Catholic Community in Central Racine.  Classes are held on Sundays at St. Richard or Saturday's at St. Patrick's..  

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 LITURGY OF THE WORD FOR CHILDREN (Temporarily Postponed during Covid-19 Restrictions)

         On Sundays, the Liturgy of the Word for Children will be offered at the 9:00am Mass for children ages Pre K - 3rd grade.  After the opening prayer, the children will be invited to accompany one of our catechists to a classroom where they will hear one or more of the    Sunday readings and participate in activities and prayers. After the  Prayers of the Faithful, the children will return to their families for the rest of the Mass.